BoldLeads on Strategies for Negotiating the Ideal Real Estate Purchase

BoldLeads NegotiationOf the best pieces of advice provided by real estate agents to the clients secured through the use of BoldLeads, a willingness to compromise on the terms of the deal during the negotiation process is perhaps most beneficial for all of the various parties involved. This is due to the fact that most residential real estate buyers and sellers are going to be involved in this process only a handful of times, with most only going through the process just once or twice during their lifetimes.

Real estate agents using BoldLeads wish to see their clients get the best deal possible whether the client is buying or selling the home. During the negotiation process, many agents advise clients to be willing to compromise in certain circumstances, but only when they are able to extract some concession from the opposite party in exchange for the compromise. For example, a seller may wish to stay in the home they are selling for a period of time even after the sale has been completed, perhaps because the home they plan on moving into will not be ready before the sale is finalized.

Some buyers may feel this is too inconvenient a request and will move on. Others, however, will use the request as leverage to lower the asking price on the home by a significant degree in exchange for the delay. When this sort of compromise can be reached, both parties benefit significantly. This is why so many real estate agents encourage their clients to thoughtfully consider each proposal throughout the negotiation process.

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