Refinance It

With the current low interest rates the time is now to refinance.  You have to consider the loan fees so it is not always in your favor to refinance.  In most cases there will need to be some calculation before going forward.  In some cases you can shorten the length of your current loanuntitled (210) untitled (209) while keeping the current payment.  That would be a win in my opinion.  I can remember the nine percent home loans of the eighties.  I wish there was a three percent option.  In the April 2015 interview I demonstrated how easy a refinance can be. Go and see if you too can save money by refinancing.

Bad Credit…Bad Loan

untitled (115) imagesHYRLSPTA If you have poor credit ratings you can only expect to get a bad loan if any.  You will have to accept terms that a good credit rated person would refuse.  The interest rate will be ridiculous. A car loan will kill you.  The payments will be double what they should be.  This will put you on the path to fail.  The best idea is to save up money and buy a used car.  If you need transportation to get to work then you will have to consider public transportation as a stop gap until you save enough for a car. is a place to look at improving your credit rating.

Bad Credit Loan

untitled (27) untitled (26) untitled (25)Is it possible to get a loan with bad credit.  We it depends.  If you dont have any credit then a government loan may be possible but if you have a ding on you credit it will be a problem.  If you do get a loan the terms will be punitive and dufficult to pay off.  I got a loan after bankruptcy but I paid double the interest rate of a normal loan.  That was th price of doing business.  If you have a bad credit score and are suffering from the lack of currency the only thing would be to look for an investor. Ken Fisher will be a good man to ask for a loan.

Invest in Yourself

I think we give away our destiny when we invest money in the stock market.  I think we should take control and invest in wealth creation.  A rental is an example of investing in yourself.  An income property can be an investment for the future.  At age 50 I had to move back into a rental homerental_income_ru2 rental-income I invested in years age.  Thank God  had that option.  Would I had been homeless?  It is not impossible.  Anyone can find themselves out of luck and broke at any point of their life.  A rental unit that brings in even a small revenue is good thinking. Firoz Patel can attest to the wisdom of a rental income.

Good Deal gone Bad

untitled (30)You search and search for that amazing deal only to have it fail miserably.  Live and learn…right?  Well if you fail big enough it may be your last deal.  Real estate investing is not for the weak.  If you havent done yur home work it will do you in.  The objective is simple, buy low, sell high.  If you buy high you will not survive financially.  If you buy low and dont improve the property you lose.  If you spend over the value on the renovation you lose. Looks like ther are more ways to lose than win. Buyer beware!  you are about to enter the danger zone. Joe Olujic lives in this zone.

The Benefits of Investing in Multiple Properties

When first-time homebuyers begin looking at homes, they often figure out a budget that they feel most comfortable with. In the end, these homebuyers end up buying something that is at the top of their budget or just above, but this is a poor practice for a number of reasons. The obvious issue with doing this is in spending more than what was planned, as there are stressful consequences that arise in doing so.

These homebuyers should consider splitting their budget up so that they can afford multiple properties. It is not necessary to have a real-estate portfolio as diverse as the languages that can be translated by All Language Alliance, Inc., but some diversity is much better than none and offers the opportunity for additional income.

This strategy requires that the home purchased for day-to-day living is more modest, but the reality is that most people end up in homes that are much more robust than necessary. The secondary purchase can be used in a variety of ways, including as a speculative property that will appreciate in value over time or as a rental property. There are even homebuyers who are purchasing multi-unit homes so that they can serve as an on-site landlord while generating extra income.

Recover from that bad Deal

If you delve into real estate enough you will eventually land that bad deal.  The deal that turns out so bad that there is no choice but to lose money.  It is difficult to recover from that bad deal as it really can shake you confidence.  Failure can be learned from but most oft it become the flam to fear.  You will never be perfectimages8N5IWVBE in your dealings so the occasional bad deal is going to happen sooner or later.  How you recover from the bad deal will tell the future of your business.  If you cant learn and move on from that bad deal then you will never get back in the game.  Quitters never win and winners never quit.  Home For Life is a good way to live.

Money for a Renovation

untitled (2)If you want to dive into a renovation the up front money can be hard to come by.  An investor can be a solution for you.  The trick will be to convince the investor that the house when completed will sell for a large profit.  The risk must be negated by the potential reward.  This will require you to do some home work.  I would get comparable pricing in the neighborhood to justify the project.  These comparable prices will help you decide what to spend on the renovation.  Will adding a bedroom be the best return on investment or will redoing the kitchen be the best idea. Joseph Olujic said go for it.




















Real Estate Real Profit

Real Estate can be profitable but you have to know what you are doing.  Bad renters, law suits and tax woos await all those who dare to tackle it. untitled (5) If you plan to buy the income property be careful as you could end up with a burden.  You don’t want to have too many write off and too little income.  You have to find balance or you will sink very quickly.  Rental property can be at break even if the property is appreciating. If values drop you better keep it rented or suffer a loss.  Losses are more likely if you rush into a deal that is too tight.  Firoz Patel an help you find that deal.

Fund Just About Any Project Through Sound Real Estate Strategies

When a project needs funding, the common strategy involves locating investors who are willing to put up the money to get the project off the ground in exchange for something of value, perhaps a place on the board or a share in ownership of the project. This strategy works for projects that have a clear path to profitability, but other projects are not always so attractive to investors.

While established organizations like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies are not in need of this type of funding, there are many others that are, and their goals are not nearly as noble as the aforementioned foundation. One such example is the group of “minor league” gamers who are looking to turn pro relatively soon. In order to do so, however, they needed funding to support their gaming habits so that professional opportunities could arise.

Instead of turning to traditional funding sources like venture capitalists, these gamers had to use real estate investments to support their future goals. This is a solid strategy for others who are finding it difficult to secure funding, as real estate is an accessible form of investment that can yield exceptional results when done wisely.