Link Schwartz And United Cash Loans Makes A Great Team

As previously talked about, United Cash Loans has proven to be a reliable source of income for the struggling to support in their time of need. United Cash Loans has been the shoulder millions of troubled Americans have come to lean on for their financial troubles. In the article, United Cash Loans is described as a “safety net” for those treading thin ice to fall back on and for single American mother of two, Kelly Cruden, that statement has proven to be true.

Kelly and her husband, whose name has been requested anonymous, divorced last year and as you can imagine, the obstacles have gotten near impossible to overcome for this family. To make matters harder to deal with, her ex-husband refused to pay child support to Kelly and her finances were wearing thin. That’s when Kelly made two phone calls: One to Link Schwartz Family Law and one to United Cash Loans.

Shwartz took care of all the details and while waiting for the results of the court, United Cash Loans had Ms. Cruden’s back and made well sure she had money for food to feed her two children.

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