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Key Transformations Virtual Reality Has Offered in Real Estate


Since 2010, virtual reality has been making waves and with time this technology has come out as a major improvement in the way people access different services across the internet. One of the industries that have benefitted majorly due to the advent of virtual reality is real estate. Different marketing and presentation approaches have come that are making it easier for companies in the real estate industry to deliver to their market plans and highlights that allow buyers to easily choose and decide whether to buy. If you are yet to embrace virtual reality in the real estate industry, here are benefits of the technology that you might be missing.

Marketing off-plan properties

Before buyers commit to acquiring an asset in the real estate industry, they are interested in seeing what features are included. This is especially necessary if the project has not been implemented yet. When you use virtual reality to display off-plan properties, buyers don’t need to travel all the way to your offices to see it. All you need is to provide a virtual tour where they can see all the features and finishes included in the design. In some other cases, the seller could decide to make it possible for the buyer to play around with different finishes and additions, which allows them to feel part of the deal or to enjoy a sense of ownership.

Through this way of marketing off-plan properties, a real estate company can sell more and access a wider market as a result of the technology. This is a cheaper system that does not demand a lot of time from the buyer, so they will only need to travel for physical viewing when they are satisfied the deal will reflect whatever preferences they have in mind.

Save time and money

As an investor in the real estate industry, your focus is reaping as much profit as possible, and to do this you also must consider eliminating some costs. One way to achieve lower costs is ensuring the marketing process is streamlined and more importantly while designing the structures technology is employed to eliminate difficult tasks that require many resources and time. Virtual reality is one way to achieve this goal effectively as most of the additions are available as templates that to include you need only one click. This is not to forget that while marketing, there is no requirement for the buyer to travel all the way to the venue, which saves transport costs and time.

Virtual customization

As mentioned earlier, offering clients a chance to alter some features of the space is one way to give them confidence in choosing what they would like added to make the space ideal according to their preferences. According to Renders 3D Quick, many businesses that use virtual reality for marketing have been able to more easily convince clients to embrace their services and are able to forge a good relationship that leads to lucrative deals. You could as well try this technology to reach more clients in the market.

On the Role of International Economic News on Real Estate Value

luigi Wewege Real EstateWhen the news of the United Kingdom’s historic decision to leave the European Union made its way overseas, it was accompanied by reports of economic collapse and widespread fear regarding the sudden financial market volatility. The value of the British Pound plummeted immediately in response to the news, and speculation ran rampant regarding the global ripple effects of the so-called “Brexit.” This is one of the reasons Luigi Wewege so frequently discusses the benefits associated with focusing on the most stable of markets, and the financial services expert’s insight seems to have been validated after seeing so many divergent reports regarding the impact of the recent news out of the United Kingdom.

In one example illustrating the divergence of opinions regarding the potential economic fallout, prominent market experts and analysts have simultaneously declared that the New York real estate market will both benefit from and be harmed by the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU. There are valid reasons for expressing either opinion, as theNew York real estate market may appear to be a much more stable option now that there is such market volatility associated with the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the luxury real estate market is likely to soften by a significant degree considering the current surplus that exists.

Perhaps the reality is that it is simply impossible to predict the long-term economic consequences of this decision, particularly since most of the initial response appears to be caused by the unexpected nature of the outcome rather than the actual outcome itself.

BoldLeads on Strategies for Negotiating the Ideal Real Estate Purchase

BoldLeads NegotiationOf the best pieces of advice provided by real estate agents to the clients secured through the use of BoldLeads, a willingness to compromise on the terms of the deal during the negotiation process is perhaps most beneficial for all of the various parties involved. This is due to the fact that most residential real estate buyers and sellers are going to be involved in this process only a handful of times, with most only going through the process just once or twice during their lifetimes.

Real estate agents using BoldLeads wish to see their clients get the best deal possible whether the client is buying or selling the home. During the negotiation process, many agents advise clients to be willing to compromise in certain circumstances, but only when they are able to extract some concession from the opposite party in exchange for the compromise. For example, a seller may wish to stay in the home they are selling for a period of time even after the sale has been completed, perhaps because the home they plan on moving into will not be ready before the sale is finalized.

Some buyers may feel this is too inconvenient a request and will move on. Others, however, will use the request as leverage to lower the asking price on the home by a significant degree in exchange for the delay. When this sort of compromise can be reached, both parties benefit significantly. This is why so many real estate agents encourage their clients to thoughtfully consider each proposal throughout the negotiation process.

Luke Weil on Common Misconceptions in Real Estate Investing

Luke Weil real estate investingNow that the US housing market has essentially rebounded from its historic collapse, investors are showing renewed interest in real estate investing. Luke Weil, an investor and entrepreneur who has studied the ebb and flow of the housing market for many years now, believes that anyone can have success as an investor provided they are willing to devote themselves to learning and deeply understanding the key strategies involved in this particular investment endeavor.

There are many different paths investors can take when becoming involved in the real estate industry, but it is a near-universal truth that the manner in which the investor perceives their investments will have a significant impact on determining their success or failure. The most common mistake investors make when entering the real estate market is to view a property in the same way they would view stocks or bonds.

An experienced investor and entrepreneur such as Weil would be quite likely to advise newcomers to real estate investing to look at things quite differently, as it is simply most ideal to perceive property investing as more of a business endeavor than an investment endeavor. This is because property investing requires more time, research, management and due diligence than many of the more traditional investment opportunities.

While investors tend to appreciate the relative lack of volatility associated with real estate values, the risks associated with the recent housing market collapse still exist. Avoiding the calamity that befell so many real estate investors requires a level of commitment to research and due diligence that often goes beyond what investors are willing to devote to a property investment.

Investors Underground on Beginning a Career in Day Trading

Over the years, day trading has confounded some of the most skilled and successful investors and has developed something of a reputation — however inaccurate — as a risky enterprise. This is one of the misconceptions that Investors Underground has sought to correct through its day trading community, and it has repeatedly succeeded in demonstrating how even the most inexperienced investors can enjoy exceptional results with the right tools and access to comprehensive educational resources.

According to a recent Investors Underground review, day trading is far more accessible than its reputation might seem to indicate, which is why the company has created a comprehensive system of support through which beginning and veteran investors alike can consistently earn impressive returns on their day trading investments.

With educational programs that cover everything from the most basic concepts of day trading to the more advanced strategies favored by experienced traders, Investors Underground has proven time and again that the support of a community can ensure day trading success for all members.

Managing and Ultimately Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Even the most disciplined among us may have personal experience with how the slightest credit card lapse can lead to debt that rapidly accrues and takes far longer to pay off. Most credit card users are keenly aware of the optimal way to use their cards, yet emergencies and other circumstances sometimes force even the most intelligent cardholders to rack up what quickly becomes unmanageable debt. Though it may seem daunting to pay off this debt, there are several strategies available to those whose debt has accumulated quicker than they realized and are having trouble just keeping pace with the interest.

Shrewd individuals such as Ken Fisher are probably well aware of these strategies for managing and eliminating debt, just as they are quite likely to understand how to utilize their cards to yield all kinds of valuable benefits. For those who are contending with high interest rates and are only paying the minimum balance each month, it is important to recognize that this approach is very unlikely to lead to debt elimination in the near future, particularly if the interest rate is fairly high.

In these situations, taking advantage of a promotional balance transfer can be quite ideal. It is often the case that another card will offer zero interest for 12 or 18 months on any balance transferred from the original card. When using this tactic, it is important to calculate the monthly payment needed to pay the balance in full before the promotional interest rate expires. If the balance is not paid by this time, the interest rate may be applied to the original balance and negate the efficacy of this strategy altogether. Once the card has been paid off in its entirety, the card should be used sparingly and the complete balance paid off in full at the end of each month.

Creating Income With Real Estate

When looking at residential properties, location matters most as it is often the biggest factor in business. Adding transit roads, educational institutions, malls, parks and such, the neighborhood grows and the value climbs. This can also work in reverse and a neighborhood decays.

You can control the value of your home and partake in the growth of a healthy neighborhood by home improvement. This means putting in a new kitchen, upgrading to a garage and remodeling the bathroom are just some of the ways you may try to increase the home value.

Of course, the most obvious and common source of value is freshly developed land. The land outside the city limits grows in value over time because of the potential for it to be bought up by developers or in other words, supply and demand. The developers then build homes and businesses that raise that value further.



Karl Jobst Doesn’t Have To Worry About Money

Money is something that successful business oriented people don’t have to worry about, but thinking about their success often leaves us wondering how did they get to where they are? In a recent interview with Karl Jobst, he is asked what drives him to create such success and in return, he explains a secret to his success by saying,

“Commitment to what I do. Putting the time and effort in. Success is not given but earned. Taking my failures learning from them not becoming discouraged but using them as tool to improve and not make that mistake again.”

This is obviously a man who has worked very hard for what he has. He has shoveled his own path and kept digging until he hit gold.

Kion Kashefi’s 5 Ways to Save Money and Build Wealth in 2015

It is not always easy to commit to a plan to save money and build wealth, but it is a commitment that is absolutely necessary to establishing long-term financial security. According to Kion Kashefi, far too many people focus on the here and now when they should be planning for their financial future. When it comes time for you to develop and implement a plan to save money and build wealth, Mr. Kashefi believes there are five methods that can be quite helpful.

Focus First on Reducing Debt

In order to save money and build wealth, Mr.Kashefi says, you have to first eliminate any debt that you currently hold. Debt obligations that are allowed to linger only cost more and more in the long run, so it is absolutely imperative to develop a strategy to pay down and eliminate those outstanding debt obligations so that you can begin saving money for the future.

Analyze Current Expenses

You should always be in a constant state of analysis when it comes to your current expenses, and it is especially necessary if you are currently in debt. If you have significant debt obligations, it important to carefully consider whether you can actually afford some of the luxuries that you may be spending money on. Mr. Kashefi suggests looking for and eliminating any redundancies and believes that any unnecessary luxuries should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Develop a Savings Plan

Once a plan for reducing debt is in place and you have cut down on your luxury costs you can begin to develop a plan for savings. According to Mr. Kashefi, it is wise to set aside an automatic deduction each month that goes directly to a savings account. This will require an analysis of how much you can afford to put aside each month, but it is a worthwhile endeavor now that automatic transfers are made so simple.

Invest Wisely

Mr. Kashefi believes that meeting with a financial planner is quite helpful when designing an investment plan. When meeting with the planner, make sure that you outline all of your short- and long-term goals and make sure that you discuss the amount of risk you are comfortable with when it comes to your investment. You and your financial planner can then design a plan that is best suited to your individual financial goals.

Increase Contributions Toward Retirement

If you work for a company that has a retirement contribution program, Mr. Kashefi believes that you should maximize the contribution to this program as soon as possible. Most companies that offer these programs set a limit, and it is often best to contribute as much as the company will allow so that you can benefit well into the future from a robust retirement account.

Day Older…Deeper in Debt

Is the goal to die with the most money owed cause if it is I’ve got that prize. If you are debt freeuntitled (389) untitled (388) well I don’t understand it.  How do you have anything without a fat mortgage to pay for it.  Us working stiffs are destined to die poor and in debt.  The real goal is to have more toys.  Well go buy some toys on the credit card and soon you will be drowning in debt.  The best plan is to pay your bills and hope for the best.  Joe Olujic is deep in debt and will be giving me a run for the prize.